5 Best Minecraft Decoration Mods in 2022


In Minecraft, there are thousands of unique mods available. These additions can turn the player into a mob in the blink of an eye or cause trees to explode like vines. Moreover, they can even reverse the dimensions if the creator wishes. In summary, mods really can do it all.

That being said, they are widely used in Java Edition due to their accessibility. Bedrock Edition has them, but not as prominently compared to its counterpart.

In this regard, decoration mods are used to change the appearance of something. They are often used by players who want to build structures. Here are some great options for this type of mod.

Minecraft decoration mods that will blow your mind

5) Exline’s furniture module

This mod asks the important question of whether or not players have the decorations they need for their empty house. In vanilla Minecraft, the answer is always negative.

Players will often spend hours accenting the exterior of their home, without focusing on the interior. This mod eliminates the problem by adding many decorations to this last section.

4) Handyman construction

This mod may not add as many new elements or textures as other decoration add-ons, but it allows for a lot of customizations. It goes without saying that mods are often used for their customization capabilities, which is what makes Tinker’s Construct so much fun.

With this mod equipped, crafters can fully customize items by changing their shapes and more. This extends to shapes that weren’t even in the game before. It is especially useful for furniture mods.

3) Candy making

The Candy Craft mod is incredibly colorful (Image via Minecraft Mods)
The Candy Craft mod is incredibly colorful (Image via Minecraft Mods)

Candy Craft looks great. At first glance, this looks like a fun and brilliant resource pack, but that’s exactly what Minecraft players are getting. For decoration, there is no better than that. Blocks can get old and adapting to new textures is always a challenge, but it’s a great mod for trying out new designs.

Another aspect to note is that the blocks never look alike. Although the mod needs some tweaking, it is still popular nonetheless. Moving away from the usual Minecraft aesthetic, players will enjoy this decoration mod.

2) 3D furniture

Although Minecraft has almost everything players need, it lacks a lot of furniture. Those who play to build structures are often forced to get creative to achieve their preferred aesthetic. Also, tables and chairs are common items that don’t actually exist in the vanilla version of the game.

This is where a simple but very useful mod like Furnicraft 3D comes in.

This add-on introduces over 500 new pieces of furniture, including dishes and other kitchen utensils to really spice up the build. It’s an older mod but was recently updated to the latest version making it perfect for current players.

1) MrCrayFish’s furniture module

9 YEARS AGO @MrCrayfish released their popular Furniture mod on PMC. It currently has over 3 MILLION views and almost 1.5 M downloads! It includes over 80 unique pieces of furniture and a working messaging system! Updated and 1.16 compatible! #PMCFlashbackFridaybit.ly/2UKz9ho https://t.co/6073VptXzw

When it comes to decoration mods, none are better than MrCrayFish’s furniture mod. This is the first and most common furniture addition in the game. Anyone interested in designing things should check out this mod.

It’s also quite customizable, so players can tweak it to achieve their preferred aesthetic. This mod has the ability to totally transform the game. For example, a block of diamond ore may look unrecognizable with this add-on, which is actually its purpose.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

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