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Through Sacha van Niekerk Post publication time March 26, 2021

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With so many treasured Easter holiday memories that take place around a family meal, it’s important to create the perfect table.

From ditching pastels for something a little more modern and fresh, to botanical-themed centerpieces, make your Easter lunch something special with trendy table settings.

Here are five settings to set the mood for a fun family feast:


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Flowers are an integral part of Easter and are often featured on everything from children’s hats to baskets full of chocolate eggs. The Easter lily, which is said to have grown at the site of the crucifixion, symbolizes the resurrection, while white lilies are used to represent love and hope. Although Easter takes place in the fall in South Africa, those who live in the northern hemisphere celebrate in the spring. Thus, baby animals and spring flowers are also characteristic of the holidays. Pair a bare table or white tablecloth with floral bursts scattered the length of the table, nestle Easter eggs among the foliage, and add gold cutlery to create an ethereal enchanted garden vibe.

Inspired by storybooks

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This table service is reminiscent of the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit childhood stories, just looking at it brings to mind the mischievous bunny bouncing between the rows of Mr. McGreggor’s crops. When it comes to spring-themed table settings, it’s not always about flowers. Bring this fairytale theme to your Easter table by adding terracotta potted plants filled with loose potting soil, Easter eggs nestled in the ground, and beautiful garden flowers. Rustic and utterly charming, the warmth of woven placemats and orange hues perfectly complement the freshness of green. Refine the overall look by using stylish cutlery and tableware – crystal glasses and delicate silverware will do the trick.

Minimal beige

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Try something outside of the muted color palette that Easter is typically associated with, and go for sophisticated minimalist decor in neutral tones. Recreate these minimalist Easter “bunnies” by wrapping a napkin around a candy-covered white chocolate egg, secure it with string and place it on a white plate, making sure to separate the two “ears. “. Add a sprig of baby’s breath under the string to finish. Place the plates on a gray tablecloth and voila, a DIY decoration without the fuss.

Green, white and gold

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This terrific trio of green, white, and gold has been a popular color palette for everything from weddings to birthdays, and now Easter too. White lays the foundation for green and gold to pop, creating an effortless elegant style. Scatter the foliage along a white table runner, nestle white eggshells and gold leaf eggs in the greenery, and use gold cutlery to complete the look.

Black and white

Black and white are the main characteristics of this modern table service which incorporates high contrasts which are the hallmark of Scandinavian interior design. On this all-white table, black napkins and cutlery create a dramatic statement. Modern cutlery and tableware contrast with the rustic details of the wooden bowls and brown paper name tags that add an element of conviviality to the otherwise rare layout.

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