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Much more than something soft underfoot, rugs are an ingenious way to energize a kitchen. Whether you’re looking to add a finishing touch to a newly remodeled kitchen, or just looking to make a pre-remodel space more bearable until demo day, a rug is a low-lift hero. When you consider the few opportunities to infuse a kitchen with character apart from built-in appliances like cabinets, counters, and sleek appliances, the appeal of a kitchen rug becomes even clearer. Kitchen rugs can impart color, pattern and, perhaps most importantly, texture. If you’ve chosen to go the painted cabinet route, consider using a stylish rug that highlights or complements your color choice.

Turkish kilims are a favorite among interior designers because of their intriguing patterns and unique color combinations. Whether you’ve opted for forest green, mint, or blue-gray wardrobes, you’ll likely find a matching Turkish rug. Of course, Turkish rugs are far from the only choice. Short-pile graphic wool rugs that mimic the look of cement tiles are an ingenious way to revive a modernist kitchen, while relaxed striped rugs can work magic in everything from rustic farmhouse kitchens to rustic kitchens. nautical inspiration.

If you want to elevate your cooking space but don’t know where to start, we’ve rounded up 32 kitchens adorned with lovely rugs. Pick These Perfect Kitchens for tips on where to place your rug, what sizes to use, and what materials and styles are considered foolproof. Prepare to be floored!

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Woven Wonders

To complement the mint green cabinets and rattan bar stools, designer Chauncey Boothby selected a natural fiber rug to create a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.


Fuchsia Flourish

To boost a neutral kitchen, the design cabinet Chroma worked in a vibrant magenta flatwoven rug. Elsewhere in the kitchen, a few vibrant accessories fill in the color contrast.


Mood maker

A pastoral landscape painting provides the color backdrop for an orange and beige rug in this beyond charming kitchen designed by the company. Denise McGaha Interiors.


Graphic design

You don’t have to own a country-inspired kitchen for a kitchen rug to make sense. Like the firm Brio interior design living rooms, minimalist kitchens can also be excellent candidates for rugs.


Softer shades of splendor

Blue-gray cabinetry and striated wood cabinetry are accented by a kilim incorporating vibrant touches of red in this kitchen designed by Douglas C. Wright Architects.


Peaceful palette

A kilim in muted tones of pink and lavender feels perfectly appropriate in this powdery blue kitchen designed by Elisabeth stamos.


Say it with stripes

Industrial surfaces with a glamorous edge make a striped rug with gradual shades of gray as a natural fit in this chic kitchen designed by Jasmin Reese Interiors.


Kilim me gently

A bold red kilim enhances this predominantly black and white kitchen showcased by the company Brio interior design.


Natural instinct

To give cohesion to a light and airy kitchen, the New York designer Jenny wolf chose a natural fiber rug that echoes the colors and construction materials used in the room’s rattan and iron bar stools.


Just the jewel tones

For a kitchen wrapped in a dramatic abstract mural, the designer Kati curtis opted for a solid sage-colored rug with a velvety sheen for added interest.


Flattering flat weaves

This striking space designed by KitchenLab interiors shows exactly why kilims in soft shades of pink and peach are a must-have for all-white kitchens.


Magic carpet

A vibrant rug offers a color palette for a wide array of accessories in this kitchen designed by Lily brooch. The result is a piece that feels collected rather than chaotic.


Plush time

Table lamps and an incredibly plush carpet lend to this kitchen designed by M + M Interior Design a cozy, layered feel more commonly associated with living rooms or bedrooms.


On the quiet side

For a kitchen with mostly cold tones, the designer Martin Young chose a peach colored rug to add just a hint of warmth.


Finishing flourishes

For a kitchen with extra texture, (including a backsplash constructed of luminescent Moroccan tiles), designer Meredith Ellis chose to use a Turkish touch mat.


Yellow not so fluffy

Hot pink cabinetry is tempered by a sunshine yellow rug in this high powered kitchen designed by CAK studio.


Subtle statements

To bring softness without creating visual noise, the designer Sean Anderson chose a flat-woven rug in a barely visible shade.


The missing rose

For an all white kitchen, designer Lisa Gilmore chose an exuberant pink and blue rug to add vibrancy.


Concealment work

As well as providing function (in this case, a smooth surface that kitchen chairs can slide on), a small prayer-style rug permeates this kitchen nook designed by Sherwood Kypreos with a bohemian atmosphere when traveling.


Touch of turquoise

A turquoise rag rug transforms this kitchen designed by Patrick Ahearn Architect from the classic feel to the subtly rustic feel.


Put it in neutral

A minimalist kitchen designed by Sean Anderson feels infinitely more layered with the addition of a Turkish rug in muted tones of greige and ivory.


Saturation point

Designers Susan and ben work chose to enlist a bright red rug to complement the navy cabinetry in this stunning modernist kitchen.


Enchanting Rose

Touches of pink, including a pink range hood and a pink kilim, abound in this Palm Springs kitchen designed by Golden Studio.


Pattern set

Look closely and you can see how the designer Summer Thornton created cohesion in this captivating kitchen by repeating hexagons in both the Turkish style backsplash and runner.


Charm Collected

Designate Zoe Feldman chose a rich red antique rug to energize an otherwise modern, all-white kitchen. The antique pattern of the rug also matches the vintage accessories that populate the space.


Feel the blues

Touches of dusty blue, including those presented in a flat-woven rug, are repeated in this cheerful kitchen designed by Golden Studio.


Floor art

A rug does not always need to be placed in front of the cabinets. As Golden Studio shows, one can be just as striking when placed between a hallway and a kitchen.


Minimalism meets Maximalism

CAK studio selected an elaborate Persian-style rug to serve as a stunning counterpoint to steel cabinets and appliances in a minimalist high-rise kitchen.


Palette Cleaner

A pink and lavender rug in soft colors is the perfect addition to classic white cabinetry in this elegant kitchen designed by the firm. Pappas Miron.


The color between us

A colorful runner nestled between rows of black and white cabinetry lends this San Francisco kitchen designed by K Interiors a sense of allure and intrigue.


Walking games

Two-tone gray cabinetry is united by a graphic two-tone gray rug in this refined kitchen designed by KitchenLab interiors.


High Hacienda

Vibrant striped rugs, vaguely reminiscent of Mexican serapes, lend this kitchen designed by Tim Barber Architects an eclectic spirit.

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