29 weird reasons why people sent food back to the kitchen


“I was working in a vegan restaurant and a customer sent me back their food because it was ‘too good’ and had to contain something non-vegan.”

Recently u/beepbloopblurph asked the people of r/KitchenConfidential to share the craziest reasons they’ve seen customers send food back, and their responses really made me wonder what people were thinking. Here are some of the best reviews:


‘I’ll go first: Lady sent her burger back because it had sesame seeds on the bun, which she said were ‘made from pork’ and she didn’t eat pork We all started to doubt our own sanity after a few minutes of back and forth, but rest assured, there is indeed no pork in sesame seeds.”

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“A lady sent some food back to the kitchen so we could cool it because it was too hot. The waiter just left it at the window for a few minutes then took it back. I will never be able to understand that one .”



“I asked someone to send a steak back from New York because it was ‘too meaty’. I still can’t figure that one out.”



“I once saw a woman enter a game screaming with every member of staff, from her server to the back of the house to the general manager who eventually kicked her out, everywhere on a ‘hair’ in her food. No matter how many times it was explained, she didn’t understand what corn silk was. Even after the meal was over, she demanded that they admit it. was hair and apologize for flooding her with gas.

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“Her date got up and left her in the middle of her argument with the chef. It was an extremely upscale restaurant at a spa resort. How this woman had never seen a whole corn before in his life is beyond me.”



“Someone sent back their Eggs Benedict because the hollandaise sauce was ‘too tasty’.”



“I worked at a seafood restaurant that had a grilled salmon Reuben on the lunch menu. A lady at the bar fired it immediately because she didn’t know there was fish in it.”



“When I was a bartender I had an argument with a lady who ordered two glasses of wine, one with ice. Our pour was 120ml and I was damn accurate. Of course if both glasses contain 120ml but one has ice it will look like it will have more This lady had nothing about all this liquid moving nonsense and asked for more wine in hers Instead, I dropped two ice cubes in hers and she was happy to see that she now had more wine. I felt a bit like Jesus, using ice to create more wine. Somehow.

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“They sent back a vanilla iced coffee because it was brown and vanilla is white.”



“I once cooked a rare tuna steak with a Cajun crust and sent it back because it wasn’t rare enough. I thought it was weird because I had it. done correctly and it only had a light pan-fried crust. I repeated the process with a chef present only to have it come back. After the second time the waitress was sent over to fully explain why the customer was unhappy because the dish was PERFECT. She then informed me that the man had misunderstood the term rare. He thought he was ordering was a “hard to find” tuna. ‘arrived.”



“I asked someone to send back Fettuccine Alfredo because it was ‘too spicy’, lol.”

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“I asked a lady to send back some nachos she had ordered and received a week before in a take out order. She came to dinner with her son and she brought back the nachos saying there was no not enough cheese on it and she didn’t like it very much. Again, this order was from the week before!”



“The clam chowder they got was cold. We didn’t sell clam chowder – they got it from another restaurant.”



“They said the heirloom tomato salad had ‘too many tomatoes.'”

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“A guy got mad that he was served ‘too much food’ because his brunch portion of potatoes was bigger than the table next to him. He asked to speak to the manager (me ) to complain and made me take his plate back and bring him back with less potatoes.”



“Someone asked for a full refund when I was working at Taco Bell because I was too boring at 2 a.m. and they ‘didn’t like my face’.”



“A woman sent her pancakes back because she found long black hair. My hair is short, blond and curly. The guy who made the pancakes had his head shaved. No one else took care of his food, but guess who had long black hair Elle The manager just shrugged and said to make her new ones.


“My friend had someone send back a Caesar salad because it wasn’t hot. They microwaved it and the customer was very happy.”



“A customer who wouldn’t touch the purple carrots in his multicolored carrot side because he thought they were burnt. The chef came out to assure them it was just their color but they didn’t want to believe him.”

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“We used to sell freshly baked bread as bread to share. A customer complained that it tasted like it had been in an oven…”



“A woman walked into my sushi/hibachi restaurant and ordered a steak tartare, then sent it back because, ‘Why would you give me a plate of raw meat?! I wanted it done right! I call the health inspector for You can’t serve raw meat to paying customers like that!”



“The fries were too spicy.”

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“I was working in a vegan restaurant and a customer sent their food back to me because it was ‘too good’ and had to contain something non-vegan. Apparently the customer sat down at the table sulking for that everyone was enjoying their meal.”

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“I worked in banquets in a hotel. The waiter asked for a vegetarian plate for a guest who did not eat meat. I made her a vegetarian meal, and the guest sent it back because she wanted fish. She didn’t ask for fish – she just thought that if she said she didn’t eat meat, we’d give her fish instead. Fish was not served at this event.

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“They screwed up by cutting their burger in half and now they can’t post it on Instagram.”


“I had a guy who ordered ‘A cheeseburger, plain and dry.’ Then he sent it back complaining that it wasn’t plain and dry because it had cheese on it The giant menu board lists cheese and burgers separately but even if it wasn’t the case, what was it? I thought the chief was going to hit him when he realized what the guy was saying.”



“A customer returned the finger bowl that came out with the mussels saying the lemon soup was bland.”



“I used to work at a pizzeria. We had buffalo chicken pizza. Buffalo sauce, chicken, gorgonzola, mozzarella. Nothing special. A woman orders and calls the waiter. She’s LIVID that there’s MOLD on her pizza!The waiter tries to explain what gorgonzola cheese is but she doesn’t take it.We made the pizza again with feta cheese and the customer was satisfied.

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Finally, and worst of all, “Someone sent back a meal because it ‘tasteless’ and it turned out they had Covid.”


Have you seen someone send food back for some very weird reason? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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