25 table decorating ideas and table decor inspiration



Matching sets are a bulletproof way to have a cohesive and fluid table setting. Go the extra mile and pair your placemats with your chairs for an extra layer of transparency.

Keep it clean

Sometimes less is fair better. Keep your table decor minimal and leave plenty of extra room for all your home cooking go out.

Go green

Using greenery as a centerpiece is a sure-fire way to make you feel like you have your life together. For some reason, tabletop landscapes like the one pictured above just scream “I’m an adult, trust me.”

Look at natural fibers

Inside Casey Wilson’s charming farm-inspired LA home. Photo by Amy Neunsinger.

Soften your table with natural fibers and colors. This is a great tip for those with colorful tables or chairs.

Let your fruit be the star

Take a classic approach to the table and let fruit be the main focus. Place it in a funky bowl for added appeal.

Add metallic accents

A little sparkle and shine makes any table special. But don’t be afraid of the intensity of some of these accents. Bring a subtle metallic vase to complete your table in a discreet but striking way.

Add light

Never underestimate the power of a lamp. Add one of these bad boys to the top of your table and brighten up your night.

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