21 awesome table decorating ideas


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When it comes to decorating our home, we focus on a few key areas: our beds, our living room, and our bathroom. One part of the house that we tend to forget is our dining room, especially our dining table.

For many of us, the dining table is a place where junk like wallets, receipts, and linens pile up, but we’re actually wasting a huge space (and opportunity). This is where table decoration comes in, or a “table landscape”.

Table landscapes are about the look of your entire dining table and space, not just the center of the table. Think distressed wood tables, linen, rustic pottery, flowers, and lots of fresh foliage.

Don’t worry: your table decor doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, or overdone – in fact, minimalist and rustic table decorations are often the prettiest. And you don’t need to have a dinner party planned to decorate.

Table decoration tips:

  • Choose soft, crumpled or ironed linen;
  • Strip yourself and decorate on a wooden table;
  • Experiment with rustic pottery;
  • Create a sense of balance by repeating texture, scale and color – the table doesn’t have to be symmetrical;
  • Pair the flowers with table linens, dishes or food (eg red flowers with strawberries, or foliage with greenery);
  • Incorporate different heights using large candle holders, decanters and vases;
  • Change up the setting by moving your table outside or decorating on a picnic blanket – perfect for lunch on a sunny day;
  • For everyday table setting, use flowers, ceramic fruit bowls, magazines, platters, and books.

Here are 21 inspiring table decorating ideas.

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