15 gorgeous ways to add wood to your kitchen


According KBR Kitchen & Bathroomcompletely white kitchens are over, make way for wooden elements that are coming back in style. bold painters says that wood is so appealing because it is warm and welcoming and reminds the viewer of serene nature. Plus, this material is easy to work with and can be added to the kitchen in a variety of ways, from large cabinets to smaller pieces like cutting boards. Finally, wood is a very versatile material that you can use to complement warm colors or contrast with cooler tones.

To make a huge statement, you can add elements to your room through a huge makeover. Or, you can use smaller decorative accents to warm up the space for a more subtle change. Whether you’re planning on doing a big remodel or just incorporating a few tiny decorations, here are 15 ways to add wooden elements to your kitchen.

1. Lighting

Although unique, adding wooden details to your wall or ceiling will spice up your kitchen lighting. In the image above, the wooden planks act as a work of art that enhances the look of the bar lighting and the wooden elements in the lights take the approach even further.

2. Counters

Another big change you could make is to add wooden countertops. This could be used to warm up cool-toned cabinets, like the light gray cabinets in the image above.

3. Cabinets

Or, you can add natural wood cabinets to your kitchen, which will make your space look cozy and relaxed.

4. Flooring

Adding natural hardwood floors will add a lot of warmth. This is a big change that would have a huge impact in your kitchen.

5. Ceiling beams

Wooden ceiling beams will make your ceilings higher. If you also have wooden flooring, adding a beam or more of the same material will surround your room with warmth.

6. A table and chairs

If space permits, you can add a wooden table and chairs. It would create a cozy breakfast nook in your kitchen.

7. Stools

Likewise, adding wooden stools will bring in plenty of welcoming vibes if you have an island or bar. As in the space above, stools could help warm up bright, crisp white cabinetry.

8. Backsplash

A solid wood backsplash is a unique choice that will provide a cozy feeling in your area. This wooden element contrasts nicely with the simple white cabinets.

9. Window trim

Framing your windows in wood trim will enhance your view while bringing an element of nature into the room, creating a comfortable and airy space.

10. Cutting boards

An easier way to add wood to your kitchen is to hang or display wooden cutting boards. Typically these are hung above the stove or placed against the backsplash.

11. Utensils

You can also hang utensils like serving spoons and spatulas. These are very easy to store like this as they usually come with a small hole at the bottom of the handle.

12. Shelves

The wooden open shelves will take the look along the walls of your kitchen. It’s a cheaper option than replacing your cabinets, and it gives you more opportunities to display even more wooden items.

13. Blinds

If you have a window in your kitchen, consider adding wooden blinds to it. This would allow you to control the amount of light in your space and also provide you with more privacy.

14. Jar lids

A very subtle way to add wood to your countertops is to use jar lids. It will give your kitchen a touch of warmth without making big changes.

15. Salt and pepper shakers

Another very tiny way to add heat is to use wooden salt and pepper shakers. Although small, they can make a big impact, especially in an all-white or cool-toned kitchen.

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