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Sure, a home might just be “the place where you store your PlayStation 5 and/or gaming PC,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your space to pay homage to your favorite pastime. Nowadays, video game merchandise has gone beyond soft toys and pins to a variety of furniture and decorative items that can be displayed in your home, apartment, dorm room, or other places of residence.

If you want your home to feel even more like an ideal “gamer’s paradise,” GameLuster has some suggestions for you. Here are ten downright weird (mostly) pieces of genuine bonded merchandise that can be used for decoration and truly turn your gamer house into a gamer house.

Honorable mentions: Same poof (Pokemon), Xbox Mini Fridge, Umbrella Corp and T-Virus Scented Perfume/Cologne (Resident Evil), barrel shaped candle (Red Dead Redemption 2), Peashooter slippers (Plants vs. Zombies), Mario Shower Power Hand Shower (Super Mario Bros.), and absolutely any size/material Norman Reedus’ Funky Fetus replica (Death Stranding)

10. Jeep Wrangler Black Ops- Call of Duty

Commodity 10
Source: Carscoops

As all true gamers know, it is no longer enough to cover your car’s rear window with bumper stickers declaring your love for various games and series. No, you gotta go all out – with that Call of Duty-Jeep Wrangler theme. To be completely honest, it’s not exactly that different from a normal Jeep Wrangler, except for all the Call of Duty emblazoned logos virtually everywhere. Still, it’s probably the most gamer car on the market – well, at least until they make the full-size road legal. Mario Kart Vehicles. One day, I hope !

9. Sonic Wine Glasses – sonic the hedgehog

Commodity 9
Image source: Sonic Stadium

You can really impress your guests with the most elegant crystalware: wine glasses bearing the logo of the sonic the hedgehog franchise. While the official tenth anniversary Sonic Sega-created goggles are probably quite expensive, sites like Etsy have fan-created varieties featuring all your favorite characters: Sonic, Tails, and, of course, Knuckles. Now you can add “&Knuckles” to the end of every fancy party you throw in your house using these absolutely stunning wine glasses.

8. A play toilet

Commodity 8
Image sources: @peter6409 on Twitter

To have a true house of gamers, you need to be able to play in multiple places, not just your desk. And why waste those precious minutes spent on the client every day when you could be playing GAMING instead? Conceptualized by a Japanese designer, this “gaming toilet” would include features such as an ergonomic seat for maximum comfort, Wi-Fi, console accessories, headphone storage, and more. For a simpler model, you can instead opt for the “Toylet”, a SEGA creation that offers a small screen and access to a limited number of games.

7. Travis Touchdown Toilet Paper – more heroes

No More Heroes toilet paper
Image via wireframe

If you are going to have a gaming toilet in your house, then of course you need to have gaming toilet paper to go with it. Suda 51 has you covered with this limited edition more heroes toilet paper, which allows you to maintain good wiping hygiene with the help of series protagonist Travis Touchdown and his various League of Assassins enemies. This tie-in merchandise is particularly apropos, as Travis in the game uses a toilet to save his progress. Unfortunately, this toilet paper does not seem to have this function.

6. Anything that just says “Gamer” in giant letters

Commodity 6
Image credit: Amazon

Being a gamer is cooler than ever these days – which, of course, means that more and more companies are trying to cash in on the trend by creating gamer-themed apparel and merchandise. While some of them feature actual characters or homages to iconic video games, others simply say “GAMER” on them. Now you can brand your GAMER identity anywhere in your home. Comforter? Yeah! Cover? You got it! Tablecloth? Probably out there somewhere! Never let your friends and family forget that you are a real PLAYER again!

5. Gigantamax Gengar Plush – Pokemon

Commodity 5
Image credit: Amazon

This huge comfy plush version of Gigantamax Gengar from Pokemon sword and shield could serve various purposes. It could make a comfy bed for your cat or dog, a handy storage space for your other game-related stuffed animals, or just a place you can go put your head inside and pretend that a Pokemon eats you when you need to get away from the stress and chaos of being alive in 2022. Disclaimer: Probably not as good as getting eaten alive by a real Gigantamax Gengar. Most likely.

4. Sexy Waluigi Body Pillow – Super Mario Bros.

Commodity 4
Picture via @thegameawards

Sexy body pillows or cuddly pillows – also called dakimakura in Japanese – exist for just about every video game character you can think of, which can make it hard to pick just one to snuggle up with in bed at night. But, here at GameLuster, we fully believe that a perfect choice exists: none other than the tall, dark and handsome Waluigi, a recurring enemy of Super Mario Bros. series. He may not have made it into Smash, but Waluigi CAN make his way into your living room, your bed, or another cozy spot in your home! Plus, get two in one with the Wario equivalent.

3. Anything that makes your home smell like Xbox

Commodity 3

You’d think the “Xbox flavor” would be mostly Mountain Dew with light hints of Dorito and maybe a bit of sweat as well. Well, apparently you would be wrong. According to this official collaboration with LYNX, which included deodorant, body spray, shampoo, and more, the “Xbox scent” is a blend of citrus, mint, sage, patchouli, and light wood. With these hygiene items, you can make yourself AND your entire home feel like an Xbox, reminding guests at all times that you’re a real gamer.

2. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Gaming Fridge… Console… Thing?


Dubbed the “KFConsole”, this absolutely must-have piece of Gamer Merch has actually yet to be released. It was announced in 2020 and then kind of… fell into obscurity. However, if the KFConsole ever materializes, it’s something that every true gamer should definitely have in their home. After all, what OTHER console offers ray tracing, 4k resolution AND a handy tray to keep your fried chicken warm while you game? What do you think will be the first “KFConsole exclusive” title? Here at GameLuster, we’re hoping for an epic Souls-like open-world adventure starring none other than Colonel Sanders himself.

1. Lady Dimitrescu 1/4 Scale Statue – Resident Evil Village

Merchant 1
Image source: PureArts

Standing about three feet tall, this stunning statue from PureArts features a tailored dress, perfectly styled molded hair, and two hand options – one holding a cigarette and one with fully outstretched claws. Overbearing vampire matriarch Lady Alcina Dimitrescu could add a touch of elegance to any home, not to mention easily terrify unwanted guests and send them running for the hills. Players hoping to get their hands on this “Big Lady D” should act quickly, however – PureArts is releasing this limited-edition item with only 666 statues available for sale.

What gaming-related furniture and decor do you have in YOUR home? Did one of your favorites miss the list? Have you been inspired to purchase any of these GameLuster recommended items? Comment below and let us know!

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