10 ways to include pearl jewelry in your home decor, check them out

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There are a ton of different ways to design your home. Pearl jewelry can create funky home decor. Whether as a simple centerpiece for your table, suncatchers on your windows or any other creative decor. Check out these 10 ways to include pearl jewelry in your home decor!

1) Table decor:
You can use colorful bead necklaces around the dining table as tasteful accessories. Wrap them around silver towels or clothes.

2) Shelf decor:
You can use a glass vase and fill it with pearl necklaces of a similar color and style. Add flowers, branches or even peacock feathers. This creates funky shelf decor.

3) Curtain Accents:
You can also use pearl necklaces by hanging them from your curtains in a whimsical way. You can hang pearl necklaces which create a contrast with your curtains. You can also twirl them around the curtain rods.

4) Curtain ties:
You can also use pearl necklaces to tie your curtains. It adds a unique touch and detail to your room!

5) Window coverings:
You can hang beaded jewelry around your window to add a splash of color to your windows. You can also stick it in patterns that complement your room. Or you can hand over crystal beaded jewelry and hang it on the cogs as a chic suncatcher!

6) Chandeliers:
Another way to catch the light on some crystal and beaded jewelry is to hang it from your chandeliers. Try to match the jewelry with the style of your chandelier.

7) Lamps:
You can also twirl them around your lamps for a similar effect. It makes funky lights.

8) Hairdresser:
You can decorate your dressing table by hanging some of your pearl necklaces around it along with some other accessories.

9) Memory Card:
You can also use them to add a colorful and playful touch to your memory cards. Especially with photos from a trip where you got the necklaces!

10) Chic Mirror Hangings:
You can also hang some colorful beaded jewelry around your mirrors or vanity mirrors to brighten up your days.

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