With the microcredits granted by private lenders, minutes, you can get up to 1,200 euros, without a guarantor and without the need to charge a payroll. On this page, we show you which are the best microcredit without endorsement and without the current market’s payroll so you can hire the one that best suits you.

How to contract mini-credits without endorsement?

The guarantee is a type of additional guarantee that lenders request when they consider that the financing applicant does not have enough income to face the return of a loan. However, the companies that grant mini loans offer very small amounts of money and, therefore, easy to reimburse, so they never require their clients to be backed by a third party in view of their concession.

Through these private companies, we can obtain microcredits without the endorsement of up to 1,200 euros in a matter of very few minutes. In addition, these products can be contracted although we do not charge a payroll since companies will also approve our application if we have any type of income that allows us to return the borrowed money and pay the corresponding fees within the agreed period. There are even a few lenders who also grant microloans without payroll, although in this case, they are likely to ask us to meet some additional requirement, such as that the unpaid debt does not come from a bank or does not exceed a certain amount.

Regarding the price, the minicréditos without endorsement usually have an interest that goes up 1.1% daily, without commissions or other additional expenses. The APR of these products usually ranges between 2,000 and 3,000%, but it is not recommended that we look at this measure to know what the cost of a microcredit without endorsement is. The repayment term of the mini loans is usually very short, about 30 days maximum, so the APR (an annual fee) is not a good measure to calculate its price.

Get your micro-loan without endorsement in 15 minutes

During the last years, payday loans via Purplepayday.loan/ has become a very popular product because of its more flexible requirements and because of its speed of concession. The process of requesting and hiring these products is entirely online, which greatly speeds up the procedures and allows you to get the microcredit without a guarantee in a matter of a few minutes. If we want to get a mini loan at a good price quickly, we recommend following the following steps:

  1. Compare offers and choose the microloan without guarantor that best suits our profile. To find it we must take into account the price, the amount offered and the additional advantages (free early refund, with ASNEF, etc).
  2. Go to the lender’s website and select the amount and term of the mini-credit that we want to hire. To avoid problems of indebtedness, it is advisable that we do not ask for more money than we need and that we choose a term that allows us to return the microloan without complications.
  3. Fill out the application form with our data and send it to the microcredit lender without endorsement. To prove that the information provided is true, we will have to send several documents or we will have to verify the data through the Instantor application.

Precautions when contracting microloans without endorsement or payroll

Microloans without endorsement are perfect to solve small contingencies quickly and easily, but if we do not use them responsibly they can cause us many problems. As its price is high and its reimbursement period is very short, it is only advisable to use them in a timely manner, since its continued use can lead to excessive debt. N UNCA must apply for personal mini credit if we do not have enough income to return because in case of default, the lender we apply a series of penalties for delay would increase our debt considerably.

In addition, it is important that we avoid sending money in advance, that we do not trust any lender who assures us that they can take us out of ASNEF and that we always notice that the URL of the entity’s website includes a green padlock and begins with https: //

Finally, something that can help us when selecting an entity or another is to look at the different experiences and opinions of previous users who have requested a microloan and, at the same time, check if the company we are going to, is registered in an official association, such as AEMIP, although this is not decisive.

What happens if I do not return the microcredit without backups?

By not having a third person to support us since it is micro-credit without endorsement, if we are unable to return the borrowed money when the deadline expires, we will be the only ones responsible for the non-payment. In case of delay, lenders of microloans without endorsement and without payroll may apply the following sanctions:

  • Application of interest and fees for the delay. In addition to increasing the interest that will be applied to our loan, many entities will charge us a commission of between 20 and 40 euros every time they have to inform us of our delay in the payment of the loan.
  • Registration in a file of defaulters. The lender can also enter our data in a list of unpaid debts as ASNEF or EXPERIAN.
  • Hiring the services of a company specialized in recoveries. If the non-payment is prolonged, the company can hire a debt recovery company so that it is in charge of managing the collection of the debt.
  • Judicial claim for the payment of the debt. As a last resort, the lender may file a judicial complaint to recover the borrowed money plus the corresponding late fees and penalties. If we lose the trial, we will have to pay the full debt and we will have to pay the legal expenses.

The guarantee of the mini credits is personal, so if we do not have enough economic capacity to pay the debt, a judge could sentence the seizure of our present and future personal assets (current accounts, a part of our salary, properties that be in our name, etc.).

New offers of mini loans instantly

Since the microcredit lenders arrived instantly to our country, they experienced great success among citizens. So much so that some of them have decided to include advantages and offers in their products to differentiate themselves from the rest and be more attractive.

Below, we show some of the main benefits we can obtain with microcredit without endorsement:

  • Free microcredits: some companies have chosen to offer to finance without interest, that is, we will only have to return the amount they have granted us.
  • Discounts on fees: on the other hand, some lenders will apply interest discounts if we introduce some type of promotional code.
  • Deadlines exceeding 30 days: taking into account that the return of these products should always be done in a month, some companies have chosen to extend this period and offer the option of repaying the capital in monthly installments.
  • Loyalty programs: finally, we should highlight the loyalty programs of some companies with which we will obtain advantages and bonuses that will be of great help.

It is important that we know that to be able to enjoy these advantages it will be necessary that we comply with the requirements demanded by the lenders. As well as being new clients, repaying the capital in advance, being old clients, etc.